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rainbow chain

Rainbow Chain by Erika Flory

A classic chain stitch is updated here as an off-white grid that lays over the rainbow of colors that move from yellow all the way through green. Working with only one color per row keeps the pattern simple and easy to memorize. The border is knitted as the blanket is worked so the finishing is quick: just work in loose ends.


Approximately 28” x 28”


Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company, Peaches & Crème Article 930 Worsted Weight (100% cotton; 2.5 oz/122 yards): Color #4 Ecru (MC), 4 balls; Color #10 Yellow (CCA); Color #11 Sunburst (CCB); Color #33 Persimmon (CCC); Color #95 Red (CCD); Color #46 Rose Pink (CCE); Color #31 Shocking Pink (CCF); Color #97 Burgundy (CCG); Color #41 Light Grape (CCH): Color #49 Deep Purple (CCI); Color #28 Delft Blue (CCJ): Color #26 Light Blue (CCK): Color #19 Peacock (CCL): Color #20 Teal (CCM); Color #55 Light Green (CCN); Color #62 Emerald (CCO); Color #51 Apple Green (CCP): 1 ball each.


US #7 (4.5 mm): 24” circular


18sts and 34 rows = 4” in pattern


Tapestry needle


Please see our standard list of abbreviations.

Pattern Notes

All slipped stitches are slipped purlwise wyib.
Pattern is worked between 6 border sts in garter st at each edge.
When changing colors at border edge, twist yarns to prevent holes.


With MC, CO 122 sts. Work 7 rows garter st.
Keeping first and last 6 sts in garter st in MC, begin pattern.

For simplicity in reading pattern, the 6 st garter border is not given in the below directions.

Row 1 (RS): CC: Knit.
Row 2 (WS): CC: Purl.
Row 3: MC: Knit.
Row 4: MC: Knit
Row 5: CC: K6, *sl 2, k6, rep from * to end of row.
Row 6: CC: P6, *sl 2, p6, rep from * to end of row.
Row 7: MC: K6, *sl2, k6, rep from * to end of row.
Row 8: MC: Knit.
Row 9: CC: K2, *sl 2, k6, rep from * until 4 sts rem, sl 2, k2.
Row 10: CC: P2, *sl 2, p6, rep from * unitl 4 sts rem, sl 2, p2.
Row 11: MC: K2, *sl 2, k6, rep from * until 4 sts rem, sl 2, k2.
Row 12: MC: Knit.
Row 13: CC: Knit.
Row 14: CC: Purl.
Row 15: MC: Knit

Row 16: MC: Knit.

Repeat these 16 rows, beginning with CCA and changing CC for each sequence through CCP.

Work 5 rows garter st in MC. BO.


Weave in ends.

About the Designer: Erika Flory

cassie millerErika Flory lives and knits in Philadelphia where she designs baby knitwear for her website, kidknits.biz. Her designs have appeared in the webzines For the Love of Yarn and KnitNet, and her book of designs Head to Toe Knits: 23 Designs to Knit for Baby is available from lulu.com.

Pattern and images © 2009 Erika Flory. Contact .

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