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Isotope by Tonya Wagner

I am addicted to cables.  Something about crossing stitches makes my knitting a whole new level of fun.  When I decided that I needed to introduce a slouchy hat to my winter rotation, it's only natural that I decided to design one with all-over cables.

A band is knit in 2 x 2 rib, then the number of stitches is doubled to give the hat a slouchy look.  An eight-stitch, eight-row basic cable is staggered so that you're crossing stitches every four rows. There are no purl stitches separating the cables, giving the hat a unique textured look. Decreases are done in a manner so that the cables will continue to the crown.

The yarn, Cascade Cash Vero, is a pleasure to work with – the merino wool and cashmere content make it luxurious, while the acrylic content makes it practical.


One size, to fit head circumference 20-22"
Actual circumference: 18"


Cascade Cash Vero (55% Merino Extra Fine Wool, 33% Microfiber Acrylic, 12% Cashmere; 98 yards [90 meters]/50 grams): Color Number 013, 3 balls
Note: Only a few yards of the third ball were used.


Size US 7 (4.5 mm): 16” circular
Size US 8 (5.0 mm): 16” circular and double pointed needles


32 sts and 24 rows = 4” in cable pattern.
18 sts and 24 rows = 4” in St st after wet blocking.


Seven markers; one contrasting color marker; cable needle; tapestry needle


Please see our standard list of abbreviations.

C8B: Slip 4 sts to cn and hold to back, k4, k 4 from cn.
C7B: Slip 3 sts to cn and hold to back, k4, k 3 from cn.
C6B: Slip 3 sts to cn and hold to back, k3, k 3 from cn.
C5B: Slip 2 sts to cn and hold to back, k3, k 2 from cn.
C3B: Slip 1 st to cn and hold to back, k2, k 1 from cn.
C2B: Slip 1 st to cn and hold to back, k1, k 1 from cn.


With smaller needle, CO 80 sts.  Place contrasting color marker to indicate beg of rnd.  Join in the rnd, being careful not to twist.

Work k2, p2 rib for 1”.

Inc rnd: Kfb in all sts; 160 sts.

Change to larger circular needle.

Work Chart A cable patt (written directions follow):

Rnds 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7: Knit.
Rnd 4: *C8B, k8, rep from * to end.
Rnd 8: *K8, C8B, rep from * to end.

Repeat rnds 1-8 five times.  (Note: If you would like a less slouchy hat, repeat these rnds only four times.  For a slouchier hat, repeat these rnds as many times as desired.)

Knit one rnd.

Setup Rnd: *K20, place marker, rep from * seven times, k20.

Work Chart B decreases (written directions follow) changing to dpns when necessary:

Rnd 1: *K2tog, k to 1 st bef marker, ssk, sm, rep from * to end; 144 sts rem
Rnd 2: *C7B, k8, C6B, k8, C7B, k7, C8B, k6, C8B, k7, rep from * once more.
Rnd 3: Rep rnd 1; 128 sts rem
Rnd 4: Knit.
Rnd 5: Rep rnd 1; 112 sts rem
Rnd 6: *K5. C8B, k2, C8B, k5, C5B, k8, C2B, k8, C5B, rep from * once more.
Rnd 7: Rep rnd 1; 96 sts rem
Rnd 8: Knit.
Rnd 9: Rep rnd 1; 80 sts rem
Rnd 10: *C3B, k14, C3B, k3, C7B, C7B, k3, rep from * once more.
Rnd 11: Rep rnd 1; 64 sts rem
Rnd 12: Rep rnd 1; 48 sts rem
Rnd 13: Rep rnd 1; 32 sts rem
Rnd 14: Rep rnd 1; 16 sts rem
Rnd 15: K2tog around, removing markers; 8 sts rem

Break yarn and pull through rem 8 sts.

Weave in ends with tapestry needle.

About the Designer: Tonya Wagner

tonya wagnerTonya divides her time between knitting and chasing her one-year-old son, Leo. Her favorite time to knit is while listening to her husband, a professional musician, play guitar. Tonya works part time in her LYS, The Knit Nook. You can learn more about Tonya and download patterns at her blog, the shizknit.

Pattern and images © 2008 Tonya Wagner. Contact .


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